Thursday, January 6, 2011

What an awesome end to a wonderful year...

December was PACKED with excitement and celebrations!! I don't even know where to begin. Pictures say a thousand words, so I'll let them do most of the talking.

On December 19th we celebrated our one year anniversary. After attending our church's Christmas concert and sharing lunch with over 200 members, Ellison took me out to Pearl on the Peak for dinner where we dined over the Hong Kong skyline. El had saved over $200US in coins for our dinner and he was so proud of himself....

December 21st was Sylvia's one year birthday! Ellison took her to the park and then we clipped her nails, gave her a bath and made her cry.

December 22nd was a super happy day when we welcomed my mom and brother to Hong Kong for the first time!! As soon as they arrived we had them on a double deck-open top bus singing Christmas carols throughout the city.

The next day, December 23rd was Ellison's 26th birthday. We celebrated by taking a trip to Macau with both of our families (it was also the first time they had met).

We also spent a little time at MGM Grand and the Venetian and topped the day off with some Fernado's and and a stop at good ole' Ned Kelly's!

The following day was Christmas Eve and we hosted some of our good friends for get together and some texas chili. Nathaniel started dipping sugar cookies in his chili and we figured it was time for him to open his present...and boy..he was excited.

Ellison also opened his gift from Paul and I...XBOX 360 and KINECT!! (a true gift for me)..hehehe.

No Christmas eve would be complete without my family's traditional "Santa" game. To explain it beat the crap out of the boxes to get to the gift in the middle!!

With my mom and brother in town we had a very "un-traditional" Christmas day..after the church service we went to Madam Tussuad's Wax Museum and then later to dinner at El's parent's house. Here's a few of my favorite photos..

The following days were filled with sightseeing and exciting days. Disneyland, horse races, Big Buddha, Avenue of Stars, markets, New Year's Eve fireworks and Cheung Chau Island, etc. etc. etc.

My brother had NEVER been to a beach before..and even though it was really cold we look over and he's stripped down to his undies and went diving in!!

It was truly a great vacation for everyone and I'm so thankful my mom and justin were able to experience Hong Kong!! We had a truly blessed December and we're looking forward to everything 2011 has to offer!!