Friday, July 30, 2010

I Already Need a Vacation

Unfortunately, my new job only allows for 2 weeks paid vacation, one of which I will be using to spend time when my mom and brother come to visit in December!

I've technically only been working for two weeks today and I am already needing some time off. After being a domestic goddess for nearly 7 months, getting out of bed before double digits is almost unachievable, but somehow I make it happen.

I started on the 19th and it's an yearly contract which can be extended. Most people are curious as to what I'll be doing working for a university, but the truth of the matter is I'm not really even sure what I'm doing. Most of my days so far have looked a bit like this...

My position is called "English Language Ambassador"..apparently when the students come back in September I will be meeting with them in order to improve their written and spoken English. I'll also be promoting English enhancement programs on campus and assisting a couple of professors with classes. But until then I work in a cubicle 8 hours a day...

It isn't too bad. I'm really excited for the fall and right now I get to blog and facebook and watch 20/20 videos and transcribe them into English. A lot of my colleagues are mainland Chinese and two girls are new C's and hopefully we'll be starting a new lunch study. Fun right? Well the other day the blue wall behind my chair FELL ON TOP OF ME AND CRUSHED ME!!!! My colleagues had to come pull it off of me..luckily the chair broke its fall and it didn't land on my head. But we called the main office to tell them to send someone to fix it, their reply.."We don't have the parts to fix it. Prop it up with something."

So for five days it's been propped up with a folding chair and a large bottle of water. Occupational Hazard? I think so.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Contribution

I am Ellison the husband of the Tsang family. Like Brittney said, this blog is for all those who want more of an insight into out lives. I am secretly hoping that by blogging people will get to know us better so that when events like Christmas, Birthdays and Chinese New Year come around we will get awesome gifts, cause maybe one day I will blog about the fact that it was my day off and I was so bored at home because Brittney is at work and how I wished I had a PS3 to play with, or that fact that my laptop is too heavy to carry to work everyday and how I wish I had an get the drift

Perhaps some sympathetic rich man is reading this blog right now, is extremely amused by my slightly childish, yet clever wit and is ready to become my real life Santa Claus.

If you are intrigued as to how all this works out..the read on my friends, read on!

Welp, see ya later...

Over the past couple of years, El and I have had to embrace the harsh reality that people come and people go. Hong Kong is an amazing city, however many people don't often call it home forever. Others have come to serve the Lord on short trips and then some follow God to work in other places. Whatever the case, it's always hard. I know I know, as my mother would say.."That's life." but i secretly wish we could all stay in one huge flat complex together for the rest of our lives.

Here are a couple of families who've meant a lot to us, but have left in the last months..

The Bell's. Alan, Melissa, Jason and Danny. The Bell's relocated back to Texas at the end of last year and we miss them so much! Alan was the officiator for our Texas wedding and little Jason was our ring bearer! :)

The Rothermel's. Chris, Heather, Julia and Gabriella.

Although Chris is still here finishing out his contract at HKBU, Heather and the girls left for Georgia earlier this month. Great family who have been so good to us! They even threw us an engagement party and made our wedding cake!!

Lastly, The Franklin's. Jacob, Sara, Keely and Jordan. We've only had the privalege of knowing this family for about a year. They will be relocating to Taiwan at the end of this week. Jacob has been a huge leader to El and we enjoyed swimming with the girls! (Photos courtesy of all their FACEBOOKS!!)

We miss you families!! :) I don't know what Ellison's going to do when his BF Paul leaves in December...there will be major tears shed...

Locked In and Out

Last night, after dinner with some friends we found ourselves coming home to a door that would not open. We weren't locked out because we had a key, but the door just literally would not open. We rang to doorbell thinking Katrina (our summer house guest) had locked the door from the inside. She comes to the door and turns the handle, nothing. The door won't even open from the inside!

Our door has always been difficult since we've moved in and I had reported it to the concierge and received an "Okay, Thank You. Bye Bye" reply and no one ever came to see about the problem. So here we are at 9:30pm locked out, Katrina and Sylvia are locked in and Ellison thinks he can break in with a card.

Now I will stand up for El and say he did get pretty good at breaking into our old flat (just to prove to himself that he could.) And there was the one time he busted down the door to his office with a hammer. So I thought I would let him try..hour later..we settled for the door man.

After waiting another half hour, Si Fu (also known as "master" in Chinese, and boy was he!) was in our flat in 5 minutes and fixed the door, replaced the lock and was gone in 10. Man, I love Hong Kong handy men!! Quick, efficient, and to the point.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Last Couple of Months in Pictures

For those of you who haven't been able to keep up with us for the last couple of months (or 7..), I hope pictures say a thousand words!!

We had not one wedding...

...but two!!

Went on an incredible honeymoon to Thailand..!

and settled down in Hong Kong.

Adopted a puppy, Sylvia..

who now looks like this.

went on an amazing mission trip together to the Philippines.

Moved from El's old place in Kowloon City..

to a place here in Fo Tan.

Ellison is still serving the Lord with the youth at KIBC. (Hainan Mission Trip in July)

and then I got a job here..which is located across the street from Ellison's job.

and these are some of my colleagues!

So you could say the last couple of months have been exciting and challenging, BUT extremely rewarding. God has blessed us with so much and we're having fun!!


B :)

Official Blogging Has Begun

Well, we want to blog! At least I do. Not sure how much Ellison will contribute and I'm sure Sylvia won't have anything at all to say, but I want to make it a habit to keep Y'ALL informed about what's going on with the Tsang Family here in Hong Kong! So stay tuned..lots more to come!!

Love, B :)