Friday, June 17, 2011

It feels like it's been a year...

well, maybe not. But I am a year older..! The 29th of May we celebrated my 23rd birthday. It was a great  Sunday spent with HK church family. However, as much as I love my HK family, I hate not being with my real family on my birthday. To be honest, it was only the 2nd time in my life I haven't been with them. I know, I know...tell me to suck it up and put my big girl panties on, but I refuse.

Other than my birthday, April and May were pack with some awesome memories. We left for San Francisco on the 25th of April. It was a MUCH needed vacation. I realized it had been a YEAR since I had left Hong Kong. That a 15 mile radius at most. No wonder I was going crazy...I needed a fountain Dr. Pepper. Anywho...

We were greeted at the airport by some great friends and treated to an amazing breakfast at a corner cafe in Noe Valley. I fought off jet lag as much as I possibly could but eventually the day caught up to me and I fell asleep mid-day. Good thing I got some rest then, because El decided the next day we were going to bike the Golden Gate Bridge. After we began, it was brought to my knowledge that it was actually a 15 mile bike ride..........anyone who knows me would know I can barely climb up 15 stairs without complaining.  Not only did they have trouble finding a bike short enough for me, but I also had to wear a helmet. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful ride (although painful at times) and I did make it the entire 15 miles.

The week carried on and we ate plenty, bought much and laughed even more (maybe because of all the wine...Shhh!!) Another great highlight was Alcatraz. We opted for the more intimate "Night Tour". There were fewer people and more attractions open during those hours. El had too much fun. I'm surprised they let him off the island.

Unfortunately, one of the lows was El's first experience with the famous In-N-Out Burger...he was not impressed.

Our last day in SF we attended Ellison's BF's wedding. Hannah looked beautiful and the wedding and after party were super fun (again..thanks to the wine). We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with friends from France as well as Hong Kong.

Jon and Hannah (One of El's BF's from HK)

El's other BF from France, Greg and his wife, Marianne

After SF, we left for TEXAS!!! (and a bit of Oklahoma, too!!) I was able to spend 3 weeks with family and Ellison a week and a half. I couldn't believe it had been a year since I had seen them all. Definitely got some of my BF time in with my girls as well. I was fortunate enough to be able to help my lil' brother get ready for his first prom! and man...what a stud. ladies, he's definitely a great catch!!

Justin and his lovely date!! 

I'm so spoiled by my family it's unreal. They were constantly making me my favorite foods and taking me to my favorite restaurants...I definitely need to go back more often!! :) Leaving Texas this time was hard. Really hard...I'll have to write another post about this, but for now..I'll leave it at that.

As soon as I arrived back in Hong Kong I had to start packing. For those of you who don't know 3 weeks before we left on holiday our landlord called and basically said she wanted the place for her daughter. We found a new place in 2 days and after we got back from the US we were packed and moved in less than a week. It was SUPER stressful, BUT the move is over and we are now settled in our new home (pictures coming soon!!) We really are extremely happy with the new place, but there's only one oven!! Maybe I'll lose some weight...

A week after we moved, our summer house guest arrived from the US. Amanda will be staying with us until August and will be working with Ellison and the youth. We've enjoyed having her here with us and have already been having a blast!! We definitely look forward to the weeks ahead.
Amanda and I on our boat trip last week.

On the 9th of July El and I will be taking the youth to Taiwan to work with a local church there. Please pray for us and the team of 12 youth who are preparing to go!! :)

There's so much more to say, but I've got to go be a housewife. Boo..

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